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Ideal ISG has chosen to deliver the most vital issue to the participants through the most effective training!

Designed by Ideal OHS, ADVENTURE (Training Park) brings Occupational Health and Safety Training to a new dimension;


Experiential learning in nature...

Key features of the new training platform that allows companies to select the training modules they need and to design their content themselves;


- Training content enriched by drama

- Group work

- Workshops

- Working with tools and equipment

- Learning by experiencing with case scenarios

- Games that develop team spirit in Occupational Health and Safety

- The opportunity of choosing among the modular trainings

- Moving Occupational Health and Safety Training to a fun platform

- Indoor training halls and the opportunity to learn intertwined with nature, where you can blow off the steam of the metropolis.


What is the IDEAL ADVENTURE in which the sea meets the forest in a perfect atmosphere?


- Areas where the importance of Team Spirit will be experienced while acting as a team in Occupational Health and Safety

- Rope trails to raise awareness of the risks and prevention of working at heights

- 2 indoor halls and an open education class where 3 groups can be organized at the same time,

- Basic OHS training enriched with puzzles and team games

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner, transportation and accommodation

- Other fun activities