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In order to determine the measures necessary to protect the health and safety of workers from the dangers of explosive atmospheres which may occur in the workplace, Explosion Protection Document must be prepared within the scope of “Regulation on The Protection of Workers From The Dangers Of Explosive Environments” published and entered into force in the Official Gazette No. 28633 dated 30.04.2013.

In order to ensure safe operation in hazardous environments such as mining, cement, hazardous chemicals production - storage - transportation, oil and geothermal drilling, zone points should be determined and emergency preparedness document should be prepared for emergency situations against explosion hazards.

Our training content prepared in this context is as follows;

• Determination and evaluation of explosion risk,
• Measures to be taken for the determined risks,
• Determination of places likely to create explosive environments in the workplace,
• Minimum requirements to be applied in areas with hazard classification,
• Designing work equipment including workstations and warning devices,
• Planning of operation, control and maintenance in accordance with the safety rules,