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All organizations aim to establish Occupational Health and Safety as a culture, but they have difficulty in how to reflect on practice. In this sense, written procedures and rules remain incapable. The most important persons who directly affect occupational health and safety in their workplaces, who are at the center of occupational safety, who monitor and implement the occupational safety measures are the managers at all levels. The fact that leaders determine the corporate culture infrastructure, lead their teams as they do in all aspects, and lead them as examples in improving workplace safety performance and in maturing the safety culture is of great importance.

In this context, our educational content is prepared with purposes as,

• Using international good examples, standards and experiences as a base,
• Developing leadership skills that managers need when managing OHS,
• Understanding the motivation underlying behavior based work safety and non-compliance with the rules to make the team comply with the rules.

When this training is complete, you will have acquired knowledge in topics such as;

After completing this training, you will have knowledge of topics such as;

• “Leadership” models in OHS,
• Correct communication paths,
• Contributions of being an example
• How to address the OHS leadership of managers at all levels,
• How to evaluate key performance indicators,
• How encountered barriers/challenges should be addressed at the level of management,
• How to examine the risk analysis through the perspective of a leader,
• How to create and assure intercorporate OHS motivation.