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Accidents that occur in the workplace are faced with heavy financial consequences such as work stoppage, material loss, fines and demands for material and moral compensation, and above all, loss of lives and injuries. It is very important in terms of examining work accidents and correcting causes of accidents, determining measures to be taken in the prevention of similar accidents and contributing positively to the company culture.

The purpose of this training program is to inform the employees and/or managers about the stages of accident investigation, research techniques and legal consequences of accidents and to determine the steps to be followed after the accident.
After completing this training, you will have knowledge of topics such as;

1. Understanding which cases will be considered as work accidents,
2. Management of legal process that will initiate a result of the accident,
3. Post-accident action plan,
4. Understanding accident investigation techniques,
5. Accident investigation reporting,
6. Understanding communication and measures after accidents,
7. Providing the necessary information to improve the accident procedure by reviewing it.

Training is provided with a team of professional theatre actors/actresses.