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Training and consultancy support are provided for the establishment, supervision and establishment of ISO 45001 ISG Management Systems and for the establishment of Integrated Management Systems.


Ideal OHS is one of the first companies to start the installation training and consultancy services of OHS management systems in Turkey and has a number of selected reference groups that performs OHSAS 18001 system installations.


In addition to ensuring compliance with the legal and other requirements related to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and safety, Ideal OHS provides systematic and effective work to create a healthy, safe working environment and manage this environment by eliminating or minimizing risks. It also enables the development of safety culture and to become a part of everyday life. In this context, we can serve on the topics as follows;


  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System training,
  • System installation consultancy and documentation,
  • Strengthening the existing system,
  • Internal auditor training and practice,
  • Preparation of certification and interim audits




ISO 14001 series standards, in their essence, are a set of standards aimed at reducing the use of natural resources, minimizing the damage to soil, water and air. These standards are based on the principle of continuous improvement and monitoring of environmental performance and require compliance with the requirements defined by relevant legislation and laws regarding environmental factors. In this context, we can serve on the topics as follows;


  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Training,
  • System installation consultancy and documentation,
  • Strengthening the existing system,
  • Internal auditor training and practice,
  • Preparation of certification and interim audits




Ideal OHS provides training that establishes a culture in the selection and evaluation of systems that are suitable for the nature of each work and that can follow the improvements together with legal requirements (Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment Regulation).


Risk assessment is carried out by defining hazards, identifying and analyzing risks, determining risk control measures, documenting, updating the work done and renewing the work when necessary, starting from the design or establishment stage for all workplaces.


We can provide services as follows;


  • Determination of Workplace Specific Hazards,
  • Assessment of risks and preparation of control plans,
  • Risk Assessment Procedure Preparation for the Workplace
  • Training for Risk Assessment Teams




An integrated management system is a system that is created by combining multiple management systems of organizations or by integrating management systems in a way that is compatible with each other.


Instead of establishing and implementing the systems separately, Ideal OHS offers consultancy and training services to reduce the time spent on one to one training and to ensure that the management systems support each other and make it effective by establishing an integrated management system.




The aim of emergency plan preparation is to develop consultancy and workplace-specific system tools for enterprises as well as for successful management of preparation-intervention - gathering-processes within the scope of disaster scenarios, taking into consideration possible emergencies. Another aim is to prepare documentation to ensure the safe operation of emergency teams and to be ready for intervention at any time by conducting drills against fire and other emergencies that may occur at workplaces. In this context;


  • Determination of emergency situations against the risks that may occur in the company
  • Deciding which measures should be taken against these situations
  • Conducting emergency drills and providing training to the teams
  • Establishing emergency procedures
  • Formation of emergency teams
  • Regular on-site drills, reporting and improvement studies are carried out within the scope of annual contracts.




We serve as a solution partner by preparing special programs for your workplaces and needs as follows;


  • Behavior-oriented OHS Program
  • Safety Culture Development Programs
  • Preparation of Explosion Protection Document
  • Preparation of Work Permit Systems
  • Preparing Zero Accident projects, Accident Root Cause and Accident Research Services
  • Company-specific Training Film Production and Support Campaign Design
  • Establishment of ISG board members and Training Study
  • Labor and Social Security Laws Consultancy and Training,
  • Compliance with legislation with Ideal Check-Up Program and improvement of OHS Management,
  • Ideal Ergonomics program
  • Development of OHS Leadership Skills